Welcome to HEFT!

Welcome to HEFT!

Here it is, our fresh new website! We wanted to create a hub for everything HEFT related, as well as a platform to keep you all entertained over the coming months. Here’s a bit of info around what’s in store:


This feature was originally intended to host all the footage from our HEFT Live sessions, a series of Boiler Room styled shows we were planning before the rona kicked off. For now we’ll be using it to occasionally go live from a range of bedrooms, beaches, mountaintops & much more.


It’s rare to see Welsh music being bigged up, we want to do our bit to change that! Expect regular articles relating to what’s happening in our neck of the woods, we want to spread awareness of the wealth of talent around Wales, so many awesome acts are being overlooked.

We hope you’re all keeping well, the day will come where we can rave together once more. Hang in there x